Patrick M. Montalban President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Montalban has been active in the oil and gas exploration and production industry for over thirty (30) years. Mr. Montalban started his career in the Industry as a roughneck beginning in the Summer of 1977. He graduated from the University of Montana in 1981 with a B.A. in Geology. Mr. Montalban became Vice President of Exploration and Production during the mid 1980’s for MSR Exploration Ltd (MSR), an Alberta Public Oil & Gas Exploration Company with Corporate Offices in Cut Bank, Montana. MSR was listed for trading on American Stock Exchange (until 1997 when the Company merged with Mercury Exploration, a subsidiary of Quicksilver Resources, Inc). Patrick furthered his career with MSR becoming President and Chief Executive Officer of its U.S. Subsidiaries (Mountain States Resources, Inc., Monte Grande Exploration, Inc., Gypsy Highview Gathering System, Inc., and MSR Exploration, Inc in 1991, while later becoming Executive Vice President of Exploration, Acquisitions, Production and Chief Operating Officer, as well as Director in 1996. Mr. Montalban formed his first oil and gas exploration and production company in 1999, known as Altamont Oil & Gas, Inc. Altamont is a private Company 100% owned by Montalban, who is also the President & CEO. He also formed and is President & CEO of Genesis Energy, Inc., a private gas gathering and compression Company. Patrick M. Montalban is currently President & CEO and Director of Montaban Oil & Gas Operations, Inc., (MOGO, INC) a private Company formed by his Father, Mr. Joseph V. Montalban. Mr. Montalban is also currently President & CEO and Director of Mountainview Energy Ltd.

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Bo Mikkelsen Director

Mr Mikkelsen is the founder and President of Engine Technology Support, Inc. since 1993, which company applies patented emission control technology to industrial fuelled lean burn engines. He has also been President of Emissions Plus, Inc. since 1988, which company was founded to apply the PSC system of emission control to industrial gas fueled rich burn engines.

Keith MacDonald Director

Mr. Macdonald is President of Bamako Investment Management Ltd. a private investment and financial consulting company. He brings over 30 years of experience in the financing and growing of oil and gas businesses in Canada, the United States and internationally to the Company’s team. Mr. Macdonald is currently and previously a director and/or founder of a number of publically traded and private companies in the oil and gas, mining and agriculture/construction equipment industries. He has a well rounded Board experience relating to corporate and business strategy, corporate governance and regulatory compliance, compensation issues, auditing and financial controls and oil and gas reserves. He is a Past Chairman and Director of the Small Explorers and Producers of Canada. Mr. Macdonald was founder and President of New Cache Petroleums Ltd. in 1987 and grew the company to 5,000 boepd prior to its sale in early 1999. He is a Chartered Accountant and currently a member of the Canadian and Alberta Institutes of Chartered Accountants.

Carla Barringer Director

Ms. Barringer has worked in the Oil and Gas Industry since 1991, beginning with MSR Exploration Ltd, (MSR), an Alberta Public Oil & Gas Exploration Company listed for trading on the American Stock Exchange. She has been with Mountainview Energy Ltd since May 2001 and currently serves as a Director and the Company’s Corporate Secretary. Ms. Barringer is also the Corporate Secretary of Altamont Oil & Gas, Inc. and Montalban Oil & Gas Operations, Inc. She is responsible for maintaining a functioning corporate office for these Companies; covering all aspects from corporate correspondence and accounting to overseeing all filings with the respective regulatory bodies.

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